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RD51 Collaboration, Development of Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors Technology

July 14-?, 2011:: Test of Fast Neutron Imaging Detector with Am-Be neutron at Yuzhong campus of Lanzhou University. Preliminary Image (without imaging reconstruction) of LZU and CEA.

July 7-9, 2011 :: Test of Fast Neutron Imaging detector with 14 MeV fast neutron at Institute of Nuclear Physics and Chemistry.

June 17, 2010 :: GaN Experiment at Institute of Modern Physics, CAS. Have done!

May 22, 2010 :: GaN Experiment at Institute of Modern Physics, CAS. It will start on 2 June, 7 days. Compared to the old schedule, it is delayed one week.

May 22, 2010 :: IEEE 2010 2010 Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging Conference and 17th Room Temperature Semiconductor Detector Workshop will be held on October 30- November 6, 2010, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.

Photograph of MPGD Group, Lanzhou University
Micro-Pattern Gas Detector-MPGD

The Micro-Pattern Gas Detector(MPGD) has very excellent properties, such as unprecedented spatial resolution, high rate capability, large sensitive area, optional stability and radiation hardness, so it is widely used in the fields of basic and applied research.

If we want to talk about the MPGD, we have to say something first about one scientist, named Georges Charpak, and his invention and development of detectors in high energy physics. Since 1959, he's been working at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics situated on the border of France and Switzerland. Charpak invented the Multiwire Proportional Chamber at CERN and this pioneering work was published in 1968(G. Charpak, et al., "The use of multiwire proportional chambers to select and localize charged particles", Nucl. Instr. Meth. 62(1968)202-226). Because his foundamental idea about the gaseous detector and his contributions for new detection technology in the high energy physics, he was rewarded the 1992 Nobel Prize in Physics.

From then on, based on his original invention, various types of particle detectors have been invented and developed, such as GEM(Gas Electron Multiplieri, F. Sauli, NIMA386(1997)531-534), Micromegas(Micro-Mesh Gaseous Structure, by Y. Giomataris et al., NIMA376(1996)29-35), and other more recently micro-pattern detector(For detail, please refer to the RD51 webpage).

Here, write a short introduction about MPGD....

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